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The Team

Who We Are


Jamie Aue

Owner - EA

Jamie Aue is an amazing accountant that loves what she does. She is on a mission to help small business owners feel confident in their financial decisions, while understanding their options and taxes. Jamie has a special love for growing her knowledge in the accounting and tax fields! She's a boy mama who works well under pressure and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients are making all the right financial moves! 

Cassie Stahl

Accounting Support

Cassie is the thinker of Aue And Company! She's constantly dropping bombs of knowledge on her coworkers on a plethora of topics, and is always finding ways to better the client experience at the office. Cassie is a quick learner and does an amazing job detailing Quickbooks for clients and keeping their financial reports looking clean. This bill paying queen has been with Aue And Company since 2021, and no one is sure how the office functioned before her!


Cristan Lopez

Payroll Support

Cristan Lopez is a busy, boy and fur mama! If she's not chasing her boys around to their extra curricular activities, you can find her loving on her plants, mowing, or updating her sticker collection!

Cristan handles all things payroll. Her attention to detail is something to be admired, and her charisma leaves everyone feeling top notch. She is incredible with clients, and we're thankful she's a part of our team!

Nancee McMann

Accounting Support

Nancee is the "old soul" of the office! She is incredibly kind and always laughing! 

After years of doing some accounting work, we're excited to have her as an addition to the team. She's very knowledgeable within the field and has a great attention to detail.

Nancee is a busy Nana, and also enjoys teaching Yoga classes, going on long walks, and spending time with her family and friends. 


Mikenzie Blessing

Office Administrator

Mikenzie is a wife and a busy mama of 3! She has been with Aue And Company since 2019. She's the life off the office- always making people giggle, but isn't afraid to get down to business. 

Mikenzie is Jamie's right-hand-woman. So much so that they partnered up to start The Assist Lab in 2022 to add to the services offered to Aue And Company clients!

 If you need a good chuckle, or some organization in your life, Mikenzie is your girl.

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